Meet the Moai team

Meet the Moai team
Moai Team
Moai Team

Moai has been built to deliver a secure track and trace solution that keeps people safe without compromising on privacy. But who are the people working hard in the background to bring this vision to life, and why should you trust us?

Moai is powered by secure technology made by Secretarium, a deep-tech start up based in London. We were founded in 2016 by Bertrand and Cedric who left the world of banking when they saw the need to find smarter ways of handling sensitive data. Since then, Secretarium has been solving data security conundrums for financial institutions. We are now applying the same secure technology to a broad range of use cases, including genomics and public health.

A full time team dedicated to Moai

The Moai team was born when we received a UKRI grant in July this year. Although the broader Secretarium team pitches in when needed, there are currently 12 of us dedicated to delivering a secure and effective contact tracing solution. Our work also aims to understand virus propagation so that the right precautions can be put in place and populations can stay safe while adapting to living during the pandemic.

Lead by scientific research

Axel (Dr Oehmichen) is our chief data science officer and a specialist researcher in the field of privacy-preserving medical data analytics. He leads all of our research, data science and privacy efforts, collaborating closely with Professor Yike Guo at Imperial College London and our very own Florian, who is also a research scientist specialising in life science and visualisation.

Powered by engineers

Moai is built on Secretarium’s core technology, which is lovingly developed by Cedric and Edward, our head of engineering, who has over 30 years' experience developing code under his belt. Together with Guillaume and Patrick, our C++ developers, Edward is always working on improving the performance, scalability and security of our platform. Damian and Timothy, our React developers, build the part of the app that you see and interact with.

Brought to life by creatives

Contact tracing can be a bit of a hassle, and sometimes quite confusing, so our creative team makes sure that Moai is as nice to use as possible. Florian, our UX expert, designs the experience you have when you use the app. Lucy and David tell the Moai story; they are both experienced in healthcare branding and responsible for the design and comms. Abby carries out independent market research to support the wider project.

Our promise to you

The world is still learning and adapting to new ways of living with the pandemic. While nobody knows for sure how long the virus will be around, or the best way to beat it, we promise that Moai will always be backed by scientific research, and that your safety and privacy will always be our main concerns. We aim to collect only the information that is absolutely necessary for the app to be effective, and any data we do gather will always be encrypted and fully secure. We won’t even have access to your personal information, so you can be sure that we will never sell or profit from it.